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The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

Winston Churchill

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self-regulation aiming to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

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A stakeholder is essentially everyone with an interest or stake in what the entity does. This includes not only the owners of the entity but also its vendors, employees, and customers and members of a community where its offices or factory may affect the local economy or environment.

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Code of Ethical Conduct

A document adopted by an organization that sets out general principles about an organization's beliefs and value attempting to assist those in the organization called upon to make a decision understand the difference between 'right' and 'wrong' and to apply this understanding to their decision. It may delineate proper procedures to determine whether a violation of the code has occurred and, if so, what remedies should be imposed. The effectiveness of such code depends on the extent to which management supports them with sanctions and rewards.

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