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Decision Support System

Concept Briefing:

Decision Support System - DSS is a class of computerized information systems that support decision making activities. The concept of a decision support system is extremely broad and its definitions vary depending upon the author's point of view.

As with the definition, there is no all-inclusive classifications of DSS either. At the user-level, passive, active, and cooperative DSS may be differentiated. At the conceptual level, differentiation may be made among communication-driven DSS, data-driven DSS, document-driven DSS, knowledge-driven DSS, and model-driven DSS.

Once again, different authors identify different components in a DSS. Sprague and Carlson (1982) identify three fundamental components of DSS: (a) the database management system (DBMS), (b) the model-base management system (MBMS), and (c) the dialog generation and management system (DGMS).

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