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Key Performance Indicators

Concept Briefing:

Key Performance Indicators - KPI, also Key Success Indicators (KSI), is defined as financial or non-financial metrics used to reflect the critical success factors of an organization. KPIs are used in business intelligence to assess the present state of business and to prescribe the course of action. The KPIs differ depending on the nature of the organization. They help an organization to measure progress towards their organizational goals.

Key performance indicators define a set of values used to measure against. These raw sets of values fed to systems to summarize information against are called indicators. Indicators identifiable as possible candidates for KPIs can be summarized into the following sub-categories:
  • Quantitative indicators which can be presented as a number.
  • Practical indicators that interface with existing company processes.
  • Directional indicators specifying whether an organization is getting better or not.
  • Actionable indicators are sufficiently in an organization's control to effect change.

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